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Nearly every day, as the day draws to a close – I find myself with nothing to do. Actually i lie, i find myself with nothing to do quite a lot. I have put it down to my inability to make mmx3 work, of a higher importance to me, than other things – such as maxxd and the millions of other websites i am affiliated with.

Sometimes I have good days, where ill crack on with my work, plod along, and hardly have any internet input all day. The other days (like today) where ill toss it off and fuck about most of the day.

I guess the most important thing is that i do my work. And i do! Well! But im just not being tested enough. And im not really in an enviroment where i can fuck about as much as i would of liked.

I guess my ideal job, would be a webmaster. Someone would had to be online most of the day – and had to respond to requests and problems encountered by members/visitors of the site i was working for. I guess i kinda do that now, but inbetween my real work.

Its hard too when something go’s wrong, and im trying to do my mmx3 work, but cant concentrate becasue i have PM’s and test’s comin in left right and center.

One day ill get into a lot of trouble thru the amount of fucking about i do.


Oh and i got a free bounty when i shook the machine for the women in the cuttong room haha Free food rocks!

Edit – as much as i love this theme, its fucking up all the time.. SO i recon ill change it tongiht 🙁

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