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WoW – Virtual Sweatshops?

I have again stumbled upon more evidence that points to this world being full of complete and utter pricks. I was chatting to dave (djb31st) about stuff, and we started chatting about WoW. (World Of Warcraft) – Now for anyone that doesn’t know what WoW is, its a online game that depicts battles between orc’s and humans. People can play in teams, over the internet, or play against computer generated characters.

Right, for starters, people have DIED playing these games. I don’t just mean in the game, i mean people have actually taken their own lives, as a result of either playing too much or getting too involved! And of course people over the world have been dying of exhaustion after marathon long WoW sessions. And to make matters worse, games like this have caused “Virtual Sweatshops” to appear. Where “Employees” play games for 10 hours – and earn around £2.80. They build up characters until they are really high ranked etc, then sell them for £1000’s on ebay! I think it proves how twisted society is. Whenever there is a chance for some sweaty bastard to make a buck or two, they do – and they extort loads of people along the way.

The more life drags on, the more i think i really really want a simple life. I don’t want to be stressing all the time, i don’t want to be at work 9 to 5 everyday. I want to wake up when i wake up, eat when I’m hungry and work when i need too. Give me an amazonian lifestyle (minus the cannibalism) any day!

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