My Past

Legal letters n shit..

Did you ever find yourself stuck between two people. I don’t mean lovers, or even women for this matter. I mean two friends, that say different things about the same situation. Its a really uncomfortable position to be in, as one person who you have know forever and ever says one thing. And another person you have known for about as long as the other person says something totally different.

I’m obviously talking about a situation that has arisen in my life. I’m not gonna name names, because there is no need too, but the situation on a whole started off a tiny weeny little thing, and it has escalated into the demise of a ltd company!

There was a disagreement, about an order that was placed under this companies name. I (me personally) wasn’t there when the discussions about this “order” were “finalised” or not finalised depending on who you believe, yet the other people were. Now one of the people involved stated that the sole reason they were there, and the person producing the product had been brought up, was to finalise the order. Talk quantity’s and prices.

But, according to the other person involved , this conversation never went into as much detail as it seems it did. Quantities were never spoken about, and no cost was ever mentioned. – Yet the other person, and the guy who was making the shit, both said they definably remember talking in more detail about the order. – I don’t want to believe any of my friends lie to me, but someone is telling porkies!!

Anyway, this has gone on for months and months, I’ve had so much stress over it, its untrue. And for a while i was siding with one of the parties. But now i don’t know where i stand. All i know is the only involvement i am having is that I’m gonna try and resolve the situation, without anymore legal letters and arguments.

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