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Ice Skating Tonight!

Things seem to be getting better by the day. I have cheered up a shit load today. I think its because i have had my mind on other things all day. Going ice skating with maxxd later, it should be a right laff…. I haven’t been in a while but i bet I’m still rate good haha

I have spoke to tony and vicky today, and just doing that has helped me a shit load. Tony has had a bit of bad time with relationships recently, and so has vicky. I chatted to them individually and they gave me some good advice. You cant beat being told it will be alright by people that have been in that situation before. Give you a feeling of relief.

I don’t think i will ever get over the guilt of braking her heart tho. I wish she hated me, it would be so much easier! And by the way, in a previous post i mentioned a name i could of called her mum, i wasn’t actually calling her that, i was using it as an example of how i could of made her hate me.

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