My Past

I think its tuesday..

Its one thing to break up with someone, but its a totally different thing to break up with someone because you think later in life you would not be happy at all. I felt that’s what would of happened, that me and nic would of carried on regardless – just because we had feelings for each other. When that’s not what life is about at all. Life is about taking chances, and living it to its full potential.

I am gonna start planning my trip soon, maybe tonight? I am gonna make a lil website, and document everything from start to finish. If i ever come back! The way i look at it, is there is 659, 457,1892 (approx) people in this world, and i want to meet a load of them, i want to sample the different cultures there are in the world, i want to live like the natives and see for myself how beautiful this planet is we live on.

I guess it will also take my mind of the fact i feel very lonely at the moment, and i simply cannot get the guilt out of my mind. It would of been easier to of slept with someone else, or called her mum a fucking slut to her face, than to of ended it on good terms. Its so hard knowing she is hurting, and its my fault.

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