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Amsterdam FINALLY!

Another wank weekend of work and dodgy sleep patterns. I guess its all money in the bank, but id prefer to laze about all weekend. I rang thor up today, and hopefully i should get some cash for the security i have been doing, and with it im gonna buy 12 pairs of trainers, and a weekend in amsterdam. I think I’ve earnt it, and it might be the last place i go to for a good few years – In fact, it might be the last break i have between now and when im 25. I don’t just want to go to amsterdam for the weed (hehe) i want to go because it is a very beautiful country, and i have been meaning to go for a long time.

Ill start to research my mini trip soon, find some places to stay and cool places to visit. I think i may like to go by myself too. What is wrong with me. Am i weird wanting to be by myself? – I guess if im by myself then i cant hurt anyone’s feelings or piss anyone off.

Splitting with nic has brought on other unwanted problems. Like before, id hardly spend any of my money on food, so now i have got a huge gap in my life, that really does need filling. I know one thing tho, im defiantly not jumping into another relationship again. Not until i have done all the things i want to do.

I best get back to my work here, as boring and repetitive as it may be!

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