My Past

Valentines Day 2006

Valentines day. My work colleague came up to me and sort of shook his head at the fact i have made my girlfriend a valentines day card. Why? What’s wrong with that? Is it because i haven’t lined the pockets of some rich card maker? Is it because valentines day to some people is a competition? “lets see how big a card i can buy for my girlfriend” and rose petals on the bed and all that shit…

Djb31st showed me something yesterday, the is probably gonna stay with me for the rest of my life. Mystickies. Its a groovy little plugin for firefox, that once signed up, allows you to leave post-it notes ALL over the internet!!! I have one on here now, telling me to remember to take card and flags home with me haha its truly a fantastic idea, and when you leave the page, then come back to it, there they are!! – I couldn’t survive without posit’s and now i have them IN my screen, as well as around them! Fantastic!

And finally, i have been constructively using some of works time to make VCD’s 🙂 I have burned saw2, and am gonna do the FOG when it finishes. I’m also downloading 4.4gig’s worth of “Prison Break” Man its a good program! 🙂


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