My Past

What weekend?

Weekend? Pfft.. I had to get up very early on saturday, as kev (step-dad) was coming round to help me fix my clio. Well, i say help me, i he fixed it and i just held the torch and tools. He was a total life saver, cos as soon as he was done, i went and had to go to work.

I was working on a building site in notts. Its a new site, so there was no TV, no radio, no microwave – Only a seat, a table, a heater and a kettle. Great. 18 hours later i got to leave, and went home to bed. – We are at my mum’s though so its not that bad. At least there is a working sink in the bathrooms and carpets on the floors!

Work has been pretty shit today, every minute of everyday just about feels wasted. And the amount of outside work i get thrown at me is increasing by the day. I just hope i can sort something soon, cos i can see this all getting too much.

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