My Past

Friday, or monday? Err someday!

What a weird week! I had monday, and tuesday off. Came into work wednesday, and had thursday off, and now here i am sat at work on friday afternoon. And its crap. Feels like its monday though, so as soon as it officially dawns on me that its friday, ill be buzzing. – During my days off i have started doing a bit of exercise too. I been on a bike ride and done some running. I took a few photos on my bike ride..

I have decided something has got to budge, as I’m stuck in limbo – i.e. the same shit every week, with no life progress. SO i have to either earn more money, or spend less money. Now I’m not a drinker, i don’t spend loads on my car anymore, i just like to smoke a bit of weed. SO i can safely say, that cutting down on weed isn’t the ONLY way to go.

Things are looking good for 2006. Adidas are releasing a shit load of new releases. And i think that 2006 will not only be the chinese year of the dog, its also the year of the SHOP! – I must start researching where i can find genuine adidas sneakers from, as the only places i can find sell fakes! and fakes are bullshit!

Only got about 20 minutes to waste now, ill use them up on the good old internet. Ahh….

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