My Past

3 day week..

ell i feel like i should be writing “i have that monday feeling again” but its actually wednesday. I used two of my days off, and had monday and tuesday off, it was great knowing that i didn’t really have to get up, but i wanted to spend the days filling up my web directory. is well on its way to becoming quite a useful online shopping resource. Search for anything from crazy gifts, to medical help and you’ll find something you need.

I have taken quite a few cool photos since the last time i updated my blog. There’s a couple from when i went off roading below, of some graffiti in a old abandoned warehouse. The contrast between the bright graffiti and the derelict buildings is amazing.

Nic was looking thru my old photos last night, and was saying things like “i wish i had photos from my life” – This statement is very true. A lot of people take photos at special occasions, birthdays, weddings, and all that shit. I just take photos all the time. And usually, i can tell you exactly what i was doing when i took the photo, even if its just of my knee or something.

So i guess I’m very lucky to of taken all these bullshit photos for the last few years of my life. As its mapping my life out as i go along. One day the pictures on here will be the only thing i have left of my youth, as i feel day by day its slowly disappearing.

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