My Past

That friday feeling..

Its that time of the week again, where the smile creeps on my face, and the workload drops off like your erection would after seeing a picture of pete burns, post-surgery. I love fridays.

Going to anquor army stores on saturday hopefully, so i can buy a set of army boots. As I’m going out with kev on sunday again, and I’m not wearing another pair of trainers! Not after the quicksand incident!

Unfortunately i didn’t get that jeep, or the caravan i was THIS close to buying last night. As they both went for too much money. I was actually quite gutted.. I was really looking forward to random fishing trips! – I guess another one will come along soon enough, and as long as i got some money i might buy it. djb mentioned that one of his mates has some kind of caravan renting company, so i could just rent one as and when i needed it. We’ll see.

Just spoke to my boss, and i have booked monday off work. I have a lot of internet related things i need to sort, such as the building of my affiliate directory. I’m gonna fill work with affiliate links, as many as i can find, and hopefully make a bit of cash from that. – And me and dave have lots of other ideas to work on. One day one of them will take off and we might get out this limbo we’ve been in for the last few years..

I’m gonna try and get some really cool photos over the weekend. As mine are starting to look a bit bland. I wish my country was more interesting, we have quite a few cool buildings, but they are “Renovated” and made into flats. What ever happened to derelict buildings? – Actually, i have a few places in mind, that i might pay a visit to on monday.


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