My Past

I give up.. lol..

Wohh, talk about head fuck. I was so depressed yesterday. It was like i wanted to give up, and crawl under a rock. I kinda feel like that now, but without the sadness. I just kinda want to crawl under a rock and sleep for a bit.

Anyway, got a reply from someone off ebay, in regards a Suzuki jeep. Its had a 1.6 vitara engine put in it. got a 2″ lift kit on it, and knobblies…

In fact..

There she is, and i would straight swap my clio for it. Its on ebay at a rather high price at the minute (£500), and unlike every other suzuki jeep on ebay, it has no bids. Now i don’t know why it has no bids, but it maybe because it has had an engine swap.

I’ve asked the guy the following questions, which should be asked before buying any car that has had an engine swap!

1) Is the new engine down on the log book? I. e Has it been declared?

2) If NO, then have you got an engineer’s report for the engine swap?

3) How much is the insurance? (Bearing in mind the previous owner may of NOT told his insurance company)

And last but not least..

4) Do you own a wheelchair? – As if I’m ripped off and sold a crap car, you’ll fucking need one haha

I really hope the guy swaps me, i dont give a flying fuck what this looks like, i purely want it for OFF ROADING! (and driving to work n that..)

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