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Whaty kind of world?

I realised today, that we live in a world that contains a LOT of un-stable people. Last week, there was a ferry crash in egypt. It sank, and only 380 people survived. Today i heard that families and friends of the ferry passengers, raided, smashed up, and looted the HQ for the ferry company in egypt. I mean, what the fuck? What exactly is smashing the place up gonna achieve? They were moaning that the number of people who have drowned and survived is unclear. Don’t you think if they knew they would tell you the exact number? A few weeks ago, some mining disaster took the lives of some miners. At first it was reported that they were all OK. Afterwards it was found only 1 was alive. People got sued for giving false information. So why would this ferry company risk getting into MORE shit, just to shut you guys up? Fucking Animals!

Another thing that has shocked me today, is the reaction of the muslims (i think that’s what they are) to the cartoons put in some danish newspaper. Here’s a quote about the cartoons “What good will it do to depict a prophet revered by hundreds of millions all around the globe as a terrorist, carrying a bomb under his turban?” Bwhahaha id of laughed hysterically.

Now, I don’t care what these 3rd world simple minded fucking loonatics want to do in their own country, but when they parade down the streets of london, dressed as suicide bombers! YES SUICIDE BOMBERS and carrying signs such as “Europe you will pay, your 9/11 will come” and “those who insulted Islam to be beheaded” I mean, what the fuck. For a start you jumped up idiots, we didn’t publish the highly amusing cartoons, so fuck off! take your signs and costumes and fuck off back to the country of which your family originated. Stop trying to change our country.

Now i just want to clear up a few things. I’m not racist. I only hate people who give me reason to hate them, whether they be black, white, yellow, brown, or whatever.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, the 3 printed racist cartoons. – you can protest against a newspaper, but not the WHOLE INTERNET!

[Picture one] [Picture two] [Picture three]

Its unclear what’s so racist about two of them, but one is certainly offensive lol!

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