My Past

The last day, of a bangin week..

Last day of the week, and off to a terribly slow start. Im waiting for a guy to come in to help me change the felt on my heat transfer press. I am up-to-date with my printing, and i cant turn the press on, as its gotta be stone cold for when that chap gets here. SO I’ve sorted my life out while I’ve been waiting. Contacted both old and new insurance companies, contacted DVLA and got 4 letters ready to post. My life is hectic you know!

I have been in a really good mood this week, things just seem to of been going really well. And to end the week with a bang, me Nic and her Sis and her Boyfriend are going to watch the big brother eviction tonight! – I got tickets through from in the middle of the week. The only problem is its MILES away!! So I’m gonna have to try and get mark to let me out a bit early this afternoon.

If i get time this weekend or next week, I’m gonna sign up for every affiliate scheme i can find on the whole internet, and add them to my lil directory i have set up. I swear ill make that site profitable if it kills me!

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