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Long Weekend..

Although its tuesday, its my first day back to work. I couldn’t move yesterday, all my muscles ached and i physically couldn’t move my head. I’m feeling better today, and even though i walked to work, i still feel nackered.

I had a really random weekend tho, i left early on friday as we had to drive down to london and witness the celebrity big brother eviction. It was a long annoying drive down, with the steering being gay on my clio, and the fact the exhaust was noisy as hell. At least we got down there in time. And even though we left at 4:30, and only really got going on the motorway at about 5:00pm, we still managed to get there for 7:25. Excellent.

We queue ‘d for ages, i shit myself when i saw sniffer dogs. But i didn’t have any weed or anything on me so i was safe, but i was still paranoid. And eventually the Q started going down, and we started walking towards the start of the queue. It was really weird, cos one minute we were lining up next to a tesco, then we went round a corner and there was the big brother house, camera’s, studio’s it was surreal. We turned the corner, and there is was…

Davina McCall is so down to earth, she was swearing with the best of em, and chatting to the audience as if she was stood next to us all, and was our best mate. It was brilliant to see how it all happens, to see how live TV works an that. I also saw the presenter of “Big brother’s big mouth” – he was some long haired guy, pfft, he’s not davina so i wasn’t bothered.

Anyway, we stood for ages, they did a live bit, then adverts, then live, then a rundown etc etc. And then the eviction. It was crazy.. All that build up, then they walked with the old bird who got evicted, to the studio, and that was it! There was a few people inside, and we could watch what was going off in the studio on a massive TV outside, but it was cold, so we did one.

Saturday was alright, did a bit of catching up with some of my mates. Sunday was another fucking awesome day tho. And its a day that got me hooked on a new hobby!!

I cannot think of a better way to spend sunday mornings, than 4X4’ing 🙂 There is an area of land called the desert, and although the police were all over it like a rash, it didn’t stop many people from going on there and having fun! I went out with my step dad, in his lil winter toy. I couldn’t believe what his little suzuki jeep would go up. It seemed unstoppable! Until we hit a patch of quicksand type sludge, that sucked us in. And we remained stuck in until a Discovery came round the corner, and pulled us out. Thanks whoever you are! 🙂

So I’m now on the hunt for a 1.3 suzuki jeep, in any condition, But i’d prefer it if it was off road ready.

Theres one on ebay, and she might wanna swap. So I’ll keep my ears and eyes open. I will have a jeep!

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