My Past


I got home yesterday, after a very successful day at work. And what did i find? I found a letter, addressed to me, handwritten address, and a normal stamp (not a postmark) So who was this letter from? And why had they sent it to me? I had no choice but to open it. And inside was…

A bit of paper saying i could use my number plate as of NOW! It also contained my returned MOT certificate, and part of my log book, oh and a new tax disk. I was possibly the happiest person in the world, i was jumping about like a jackrabbit, and all i wanted to do was drive my car! It’s like id had a new lease in life!

Anyway, i went out alone (scott and myself usually hook up on a wednesday) to show my face in early doors car park, as it was the weekly meeting. It was a good laugh actually a few people helped me start peeling the shopping list off my doors, and for that i rewarded them with a hot chocolate. Later on that night i went and picked ko up. I’ve known ko for ages now, there is some banging photos of him on my gallery site, mainly with joints ha ha. – We smoked a few, then went home.

Today i have built a new website, from the bottom up. I wanted somewhere that was sort of a sitemap of sites i am associated with. And i must of spent about 2 weeks trying to decide on a cool name to use. To sum up a collection of stuff relating to me. And the oz0ne was born! Geddit? O as in Oliver, and Zone as in area/collection/group. Muhahaha 🙂

Me and nicola are gonna join the local gym. Its not a pay monthly thing, its a pay-as-you-go one, so that better because of nicolas shifts. And it means we can go whenever we want, and its really near home.

I wonder if i can be a pillar of physical fitness, and still smoke mary jane?

I guess ill have to find out lol.

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