My Past

Tuesday.. Wish it was wednesday though…

I hate it when i don’t update my blog immediately after the weekend. As most of the time i forget what i did. And this is no exception. I have recently been writing quite a few lyrics down. This is something i have done all my life, i wrote rap’s about al sorts of different aspects of my life. The one i am working on at the moment, is a “The streets” style Rapper Diss, and i have sampled “Another brick in the wall” by “PInk Floyd”, And the track is titled “Another kid on the dole”

I am starting a few web sites up over the next week or so, i have made a website into a web directory, of which I’m gonna fill full of affiliate links, so that i gain a bit of money that way. Another site I’m gonna start up is a Mini-Directory, stating the sites that i am involved with.

All this helps the sites I’m involved with climb up google, and in turn makes the sites more popular, etc. And in the case of sites that are profitable, it makes me more money!

I hit a bit of a rut this past week, all my finances were up in the air, and i had tons more going out then i had coming in. SO i went and saw my mate at the bank. I know her sisters boyfriend, his name is bez ad has a gorgeous mk1 or mk2 escort! Anyway, she moved a few direct debits around for me, and she increased my overdraft by 100 on one of my accounts, so that a bill that was destined to come ont on monday (yesterday) wouldn’t bounce. Me being me tho, the bill was slightly too much, and i still went overdrawn. I’m gonna have to keep my head seriously above water, as i will be getting lots of “Unpaid DD Charges” going out my account soon.

She said that i was doing well thought, and that my credit rating was getting better. When i first went to her, it was about a 8 (9n is the worst) now its a 5. This is all good as soon i will be wanting to move out and buy a house. And with my credit rating that was looking like an impossibility!

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