My Past


People say that keeping secrets is bad, and that some secrets depending on the type, can affect you as a person. And that statement couldn’t be truer! FOr ages i have longed to end my job at MMX3, and move onto things that allow me to do work of my own.

And this is still the path that i one day want to take. But after having a very truthful meeting with my boss mark, i think im gonna stick with MMX3 for the foreseeable future, and hopefully move up to a more managerial role, which in turn will help me when i come to run a business of my own one day.

I never thought talking to my boss about my future, telling him that i get distracted and that my job gets affected because of the amount of things on my mind. And he was totally sound with it. I guess i am in a similar position to what he was in many years ago. He said he worked at the pit, and was earning good money, but it wasn’t testing him enough. And this is exactly the same for me right now.

Mark has assured me that things here at MMX3 will change over the next few months. I have an idea of what might be changing, and i have a feeling that the changes will be DRASTIC! Since day one here i have wondered why MMX3 don’t do other promotional products, such as banners and flags? As we have all the equipment, but i was always told it wasn’t profitable. Well i think that is the sort of direction mark wants to go in, and he wants me to stick around for when it does.

Meetings like that give me a great feeling of satisfaction. I got a massive weight off my shoulders, as now my boss knows exactly what i wanna do with my life, he knows i don’t want to be here forever, and i bet he’d even help me start a shop or whatever. And its good to hear someone comment on my work, telling me that i am doing fine, and that he couldn’t ask for more right now.

As for security, i think im gonna get mt licence, and then sit on it for a bit. lf times are hard when i move out i can always get a weekend shift. And if times aint hard in the not to distant future, i could even have a crack at starting a little security related company?

WHo know. All i know is that im a lot happier today than i have been for a long time.

THe foreseeable futures bright, the foreseeable future is marquee shaped!

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