My Past

End of an era..

Well, i sit here smoking the last joint i own. I am gonna try and not have any for a bit, just to see how i go. There are a number of reasons why want to stop smoking for a bit. One is obviously for health reasons, the other is because i suffer from a very bad memory. Even if im not stoned, i still have a really shit memory – And one of the things that i wish for day after day, is to simply remember my dreams!

I feel the weed i smoke blocks the dreams somehow, as the only time i seem to recollect anything is when i haven’t smoked anything for a while. – I have asked other stoners, and they dream fine. So weed and my bad memory together obviously aint a good thing!

I hear my friends talking about these amazing dreams they had the night previously – I even sat down and quizzed my friend who is a very heavy dreamer, about his dreams, and what they were like. He has 1st person dreams, meaning he see’s them thru his eyes, as if he was him. And they are all structured, all flow thru like a movie and are all very detailed.

He told me about a thing he does before he go’s to sleep. And that is that he runs through his day before he sleeps, thinking about the things he has said and done, what he’s done right, what he’s done wrong and how he can put right the wrongs. If you take the fact he’s just run thru his day before he sleeps, and throw it in with all the fantasies, desires and other things he has thought about thru the day, and i think we can see why he dreams so well. The dream website’s say clearing your mind before you sleep is a good way to prepare for dreaming. I don’t know if that’s entirely correct.

Anyway, im off to sleep, got my pen and pad to jot down anything i may remember first thing, and i have the chant “i will remember my dreams” going through my head already.

Wish me luck!

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