My Past

As i think back..

Ive added the “Xmas Update” Below the last 2 entries. Its mad how big a deal everyone makes of it, then in the blink of an eye its gone. And totally forgotten about until about november. I noticed asda had easter stuff in already, its pure madness.

Id love to live in a society of people that hunt for food, sleep under little shacks, or even under the stars. And all just chill out and live your life. No bills, no worries. Ahh.. I was watching a program about some people like that in Tanzania, or somewhere like that. And they were amongst the last few hunter-gatherer type people left on the planet. They hunted for food, openly shared their catches with nearby tribe members. There was no hostility. No danger. Just people living their lives and taking just enough from the surrounding areas to survive. No more. – And they are supposed to be the least civilized and most simplest people on the planet? I say they are the ones with their heads screwed on!

My back is hurting from constant slouching, so im going to bed.

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