My Past

im not a failure tho..

Well, i suppose you could say i failed. But i never said i was gonna quit. I just said i was gonna cut down. Well, “not have any for a bit” were my exact words. But i suppose i meant to say “i will cut down”. haha.

I got home today, had my tea, filled out all the forms i had to finish, sorted all my postage out for tomorrow, chilled out then took nic to work. On my way home, so about half 8, i got a bit of weed.

Usually i would of had 2 or 3 joints by then already. Its 23:55 as i type this, and ive only had 3 up to now!

In 27 minutes (its now 00:22) i have written nearly an entire song, that has been bubbling around in my head. Its a rap about a guy who rings his mate, and one thing leads to another.. Its pretty good.. It obviously needs going through as some of the words don’t exist haha, but i guess its like a “The Streets” type Talkin’ to ya mate type track.

I think i know where im gonna take a sample for a little bit of music for it from too. I was watching a really badly converted kung foo film. You’ve got main character dude, and he’s blatantly the most chinese dude you’ve ever seen, with a brummy accent. Hahahaha, its brilliant! Anyway, one scene has this really cool breakbeat-wanna-be type music goin’ off, and as soon as it came on it clicked and i knew i would use it somewhere!

I should really go because im slouching as im perched on the edge of my bed (its a low one) and i have the lappy on my knee. Ouuch! Me back!

Sionara. 🙂

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