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Last day of work!

Well, what a busy few days! My copy of GTA San Andreas that I had been downloading to try  (and the purchase afterwards of course) finished downloading, so i was eager to play. But I was stumped as to what to use to get it running. From what I could gather, I had to write the contents to a DVD and run that. Pfft, fuck that.

So I started looking for things to run ISO files (disk image) without actually burning a CD. And i found “Virtual DAEMON Manager”. Its a brilliant application, that allows you to “mount” the image as a drive, and run it like a CD/DVD! As soon as I mounted the file, it auto started just like a cd would. And in “My Computer”, i had another drive, a virtual CD drive!

I got it installed, but could I fuck get the game to run! There was a problem with the sound card, and that was stopping my from loading the game. So I reinstalled windows, formatted and all the works.. Now this pc runs a lot better, and the game now runs too! Oh yeah, i had 3 pairs of trainers delivered yesterday. Im like a kid in a candy shop! OhhhOoooooooooo 🙂

So, I’m off to go play GTA once more this year at MMX3.. Cos we break up at lunch time!!

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