My Past

Xmas Time.. n’ shit..

Well xmas came and went like a cold, i actually had a cold, and it seemed to last longer than xmas did. It was a memorable one tho, lots of eating, presents and smiles. And one of the few that i will remember in any detail.We had xmas dinner at nic’s grans, there was just the 4 of us, as the rest of the family were dotted about all over the place. It will be strange when everyone shifts a generation, and we are hosting xmas dinners for the older and younger members of the family. Im looking forward to it though.

My birthday was brilliant, i got up lounged about a bit, and then me mum kev and nic went playing in the 2 inches of snow that had fallen. It was fantastic. My muscles were sore for days! I made a snow man, (see mini-pic, or gallery for full pic). – I even made snow angel ‘s.. Just like homer. Mmmmm snow angels..

We had a pretty good time though, and this xmas will be one of the first ones i properly remember as for the last few ive either been off my tits or recovering – No class A’s this xmas, To be honest, i have this paranoid delusion that if i have any more class a’s of any sort, it will be that One too many.. So im scared to touch anything like that now. Lol, Anyone reading this that knows my past will understand what i mean when i say i cained it for a serious length of time.. But it hasn’t damaged my brain and body too much. Hoepfullyl. 😉

With new years comes new years resolutions. One of mine is to cut down, or even stop smoking weed. Not because i think its wrong, bad, illegal, dirty, a gateway to other drugs or any of the other things that people say come’s with smoking cannabis, simply because i need to save for things that cost lots of money. Me and nic hope to move out soon, and we all know what sort of expenses come with funding accommodation. And with my track record with luck, no doubt everything will go wrong. But hey ho, such is life.

And, I think i want to travel a shit load in the next few years. There are loads of places i want to go, and probably wont go to unless o do it at an early age. I cant help think ill be another one of them people that “Wanted to travel the world, but never got round to it” – If there’s any of you out there then give me some moral support at least! 🙂

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