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barry boys + xmas party

Well, what a week. First off I have an influx of Barry trolls scouring the internet dragging old shit up about my life, then parading about on their little pathetic site, gloating about how i’m a chav, like i’m supposed to bite back or something?

If they cared to actually pay any attention to the websites they scoured, they would see that in fact all the pictures they were showing were from about 5 years ago, and although they haven’t been on that site long, they are old. The gallery description does state that, but I guess its easier for them to look at the pictures. We all know reading is hard for your kind of people, but your doing well, keep it up! – Another very important point here, is that if I would be so bothered about a few sad pricks finding out about my hobbies and my doings in the past, then would i really document it all on a few websites? No. I wouldnt would I.

Then they start going on about how i’m gonna get in trouble with the law, because there are some photos on a website I own that show many kinds of drugs. Well, for a start, they could be photos of anything. But admittedly they are photos of drugs. I had to laugh at one of the deluded pricks. He commented on a bag of what he labeled “smack”. hahaha. Well, it isn’t a bag of smack. And whether you chaps believe it or not, i do detest people that depend on drugs such as heroin, and cannot afford to pay for their habit, so they steal from others. That’s what I dislike. In my opinion – and this stretches across the board, not just on the subject of drugs – I believe that a person should be able to freely spend their hard earned cash on whatever they choose, whether that be weed, modifying cars, or even heroin. And i also believe that everyone should respect other peoples choices and leave them be. Its a different story if people cant afford their addictions. I think id probably hate someone who went out robbing peoples money to modify their car, as much as id hate a smack head for going out robbing to feed their habit.

Anyway, enough of that shit.

We went out for the Maxxd x-mas do last night. there must of been 50 of us, and it was brilliant! Loads of beer loads of laughs, loads of shoutouts and dedications, and last of all loads of photos!

And badger. Call this what you will – You had to take it too far didn’t you, I can take being called a chav, I don’t really give a fuck what you call me, and you can say what you want about my past, I know that my teenage years were better than your so called life would ever be – But call my girlfriend again, and I will do everything I can to find you and fucking rip your balls off. – And that is a promise. I know where you live, i know your a teacher, and after 20 mins of digging i found and screenshot’d various posts off barry boys that could incriminate your career. I don’t wish to do any harm. But as long as you honor my request, we’ll all be fine.

On that note i’m off.

Until next time.

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