My Past

Desisions made..

I  have finally decided on what im gonna do. The CCTV job is all well and good, but its not what i’m looking for. So im gonna recommend my friend and step bro Andy to the job. He is very interested in CCTV, and is a very clever lad, and like me has fuck all qualifications yet has a lot of experience. It will probably come as a shock to duncan, but im doing what’s best for him in the long run. And i am defiantly leaving MMX3 in the new year. Im gonna get a security position at weekends, and then not do anything in the week for a bit. That give me time to sort the bits and bobs out i never get time for, and then once i start getting bored i can look at opening a shop!

The franchise thing with dave may happen one day, but i’d want us both working on it… Anyway, i still think its probably not the best idea in the world. A website selling them would be much more cost effective! 🙂

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