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Tiredness – Worse than bird flu

Before i went to work saturday, i learnt the following..

Romantic diners are nice, choc is ace, nic loves shoppin

Its strange, how you can have a full nights sleep, 9 odd hours, with no interruptions, and still wake up tired. Yet other times, i can have 4 of 5 hours sleep, and i wake up instantly jumping around like a kangaroo. – I guess it is to do with the conditions you are sleeping in, who you are sleeping with, and what your sleeping on, but i have had instances where these laws have been broken, and I’ve had 9 hours in the comfiest bed in the world, and still woke up tired. This morning was one of these mornings..

I had woken up about 5:45, thanks to my alarm. It was pitch black, cold, and uncomfortable. I was on the floor of a portacabin on a building site in lincoln. I looked at my phone a few minutes later, and it was bang on 6oclock. I must remember next time that no one gets there till 7:20, so i can have an extra hour in bed. I got up anyway, and got dressed, then did a few checks outside to make sure nothing had been stolen in the night. I was fine, and so was my site.

Unfortunately for me, i had slept on a cold, hard floor for 2 nights on the trot, and because of this, my back is really hurting today. Its stiff and sore. And i had about 6 hours sleep, but i am knackered right now, and its only 11:49am! A hot bath and a lie down will sort that later.

One of the many pastimes i have for when im securing stuff, is sweetie wars. Now i guess this could be the start of some sad “I’ve got too much time on my hands” type experiment, but at the moment i think the word sweetie wars is more appropriate.

What you have to do, is…

1) find a table, and some coloured sweeties.
2) tip them out into a pile, NO eating!
3) start to line them up, in colour order
4) arrange into piles to make it easier
5) photograph the end result
6) identify a winner!

In that war, the pink smarties won. And that graph roughly shows that nestle really need to work on mixing the colours up a bit, i mean, there is probably 4 times the amount of pink smarties, to red ones! what’s going off?

I best get on with my work, im going home soon for lunch with nicola. Burgers is it!

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