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Trainers, adidas, and camo.. Am i dead?

The moment i have been waiting for, has finally arrived. I have bought some camo adidas trainers! – For at least a year, I’ve been gagging for some. But the camo superstars go for over £500 a pair, and the Oregon Camo, only ever went up to size 9. Until now!

UK Size 11.5 worn once, in bangin condition! – So my baby is buying me them for xmas. I have preliminarily bought them, and she’s gonna give me the money for then,, and then she’s gonna hide them for a month till xmas!

I was so excited when i saw them, i have NEVER seen them in my size, and i just cant wait to wear them! – Im still gonna get some pure white superstars customised with camo.. maybe urban camo tho 🙂

I don’t seem to of posted much recently, but with all the sites i have to run, my time soon evaporates! But as soon as anything important (like camo trainers”!) pops up, ill be sure to add it to here.

Xmas time should be good for me and nic nac, we got my mums house to ourselves, so we will be being rude everywhere, and walking around naked on xmas day hahaha. Probably wont happen but its a nice thought.

I bought some camo laces too, off ebay, for my fleetwood lo’s as the puny laces that were in them to start with are wack and in my draw. I was wearing them without laces, but i look like a newly released convict!

Got to go now, ive told my girl to be waiting for me in bed naked for when i get home from work… So we’ll see 😉

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