My Past

Lunchtimes suck!

I left for lunch, and txt nic so that she could make me a sandwich for my lunch. I didn’t make her do this, she told me to do it so that im not fucking about when i get home. I got home and everything was fine. We were watching one of them telly programs where people take their problems and stuff on air, and try and sort them out.

There was this one woman, who treated her daughter like shit, the scene we saw was the host asking the lady a question, he asked her “how’s your daughter doing in college” – The woman replied “Yeah, well i think she’s doing ok, bla bla”. It turns out, that the girl had actually left school months ago because she was being bullied! – Now i saw this as a pretty damm serious thing, and expressed this to nic by saying something along the lines of “She’s not a very good mother” Nic then proceeded to roll her eyes, scowl and go on about how there are loads of people in this world like that etc etc. To which i agreed and gave it some of the “calm down” back off hand movements.

Then for some reason this escalated into a row, and nic blurted out “but you wouldn’t know because you’ve had an easy life” Now i don’t give a fuck who you are, NOBODY apart from me, knows what’s happened in my life. NOONE but me has felt the things I’ve felt, and NOONE can sit there and tell me I’ve had an easy life. Because that’s fucking bullshit.

I walked off, because i didn’t want it to end up as a massive argument, and i just don’t want to be around people when they are judging me.

And i got back to work, pissed off, bored, and cold. Only to receive a phone call off danny, trying to tell me that he’s had no call off me or dave, to arrange a payment. yet he’s been on holiday with sy. Ok, so when did this exactly become mine and dave’s problem and not sy’s? He then try’s to tell me that dave’s full of shit, and dave ordered them, and dave this and dave that. I really don’t know who to believe. I want to believe dave, but i have my doubts. I don’t really want to believe sy and danny.. But again i dunno.

All i know is that so far I’ve had fuck all to do with it, apart from attempting to raise the cash last week, and failing. So im staying out of it. Im gonna recommend that dave puts the company into liquidation. Cos this is a complete crock of shit.

Anyway, i left for lunch and everythign was fine. I come back from lunch and everything is not fine.

Knowin my luck ill go downstairs an be fired.

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