My Past

where have i been?

It seems quite a while since my last update. And i seem to have a difference of opinion and a different outlook on things, every time i come to write a blog entry. I am gonna try and cut down on the weed that i smoke, because i keep finding things that i want, and i keep having ideas for businesses that id like to start or look into. And if im wasting £70 a week on weed, then that money could be spent on alsorts, including catalougs and stuff for suppliers off the interent.

for the first time, well, ever! i am sitting at work, FREEZING my bollocks off.. I dont know why, im just really cold today. I think its because im cutting down on the things i eat, and usually im digesting a load of food, so that keeps me warm 🙂

I really REALLY want to start a trainer shop. I want to sell rare and exclusive trainers, as NOWHERE in mansfield does it. And i facking love sneakers! – I guess i can spend the rest of this year researching products, and suppliers, and then maybe in 2006 i might be able to get a loan or something, and get a lil shop of my own.

This thing me and dave want to do, is all well and good, but its not MINE. And i want something thats MINE.

Anyway, i got a load of things i need to post, and its nearly hometime.

Chow chow mon frere 🙂

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