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dream on, dreamer!

So far this week, i have discovered the following.

Subway is not always the answer

You dont fuck with gollum!

Abusing work recources is ace!

Been feeling quite strange recently. I feel as if i am going through another maturing stage, its probably because of all the moving out talk me and nic have been discussing. – I can safely say, that after xmas, we will both be outahere! And hopefully moved into our own lil flat!

Its not that i dislike living with daz and mat, at times its brilliant.. But then some other times, it fucking sucks! Take this little example, I acquired a quad, and for a day or two i planned on tucking it away behind the house, out of everybody’s way, and so there it was. Smith comes home, puts his wet helmet and gloves on the surface we cook our food on, piled his clean washing on the settee where we are supposed to sit, and came out with “can you not park your quad there, i don’t want to have to look at it!”

What, the, fuck!

I don’t want to look at 99% of his shit that litters the house, i don’t want to have to look at the wood that’s been on the stairs for 4 years. I don’t want to have to look at the shitty bathroom that’s been shitty forever, and i certainly don’t want to poison myself cooking food on the shitty surfaces that are in the kitchen.

All in all, the house might as well be derelict.. At least that way it would get knocked down and someone might make use of the land!

My memory seems to be getting a tiny bit better.. I seem to be dreaming again, and i seem to not be as depressed. I have cut down on the weed, and i (like already explained) seem to be going through another transitional period.

One last thing, i think im gonna hand my notice in soon. All this bossing me about is not exactly doing me any good. I cant stand people telling me what to do, and i cant stand being forced to do work that i feel no passion for. – I mean, i still get job satisfaction, when something that i make is seen out and about, or someone tells me they saw one, but i don’t want to do it anymore. My 4th career is slowly ending, and the 5th is starting to shine through!

Some pics on so check them out.

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