My Past

Sharmone mother bitchez..

Up to yet, this week i have learnt 3 things..

  • rearview photo’ing is hard
  • looks better in black
  • listening to music at worknis ace

I have had a really slack week at work, I’ve had a pile of paperwork to do, that i have got about 1/5th the way through, i have printed all i need to print though, so im not massively bothered about the fact i haven’t done the other thing, it aint my job to do paperwork!

Going to support the roobster tonight at the dial, he’s playing a drum and bass set, and its gonna rock the house down! – He’s a really good DJ, me and him grew up mixxing, but he carried on buying records, and continued his love for it, i didn’t. I can still mix, and am still quite good when i want to be, but put me in a environment im not familiar with, where the acoustics are all over the place, and i’d be shit, tim wont be!

Decided to sell the quad as well as the clio, i have no room for the quad, and its the wrong time of year for one really. My garage is not secure enough for so much moneys worth of shit! – That’s the plan with some of the quad money, to get a better garage door! and shelves!

Nearly home time on thursday the 27th of October.. I cannot believe how quick time fly’s now… Its insane.. Im sure it was like tuesday yesterday.. :/

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