My Past

I’m glad thats over

I have completed what turned out to be the longest weekend of my life. During this weekend, i have learnt.

  • Security work is lonley
  • Orange smarties win
  • Chicken can look like fish (or nobs)

As i look back at the weekend, it does appear to of gone fast, but while i was there the time dragged like a bitch! By far the worst part of it was the first night, i only got a few hours sleep and that was sat in a chair with my head on my hands. The saturday and sunday weren’t bad, because i had my laptop and a TV by then, and i wasn’t quite so bored. But whenever i was alone, i would find myself stood or sat, staring into space and thinking deeply.

The next time i do a shift im gonna use the time more wisely. Im gonna work out a bit, jog round the perimeter, and do pull ups and press ups, to a) pass the time, and b) kill two birds with one stone. (gettin paid and working out)

Im really quite tired, but i cant sleep, i have to sort out cars later, as the saxo is finally going, and is being replaced by a Clio and a Quad 🙂

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