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Not a good day for automobiles

Today started out much as i expected, my car wouldnt start. SO i got on the blower to maddsy, whon picked me up on his way to work. We gets to work, and i see crit’s bike is inside, and the number plate is broken. So we went to investigate, and it turns out that some lorry driver had reversed, totally not seen the bike, knocked it over, and then kept reversing dragging it along the ground! – He got the guys detaials, and has spoke to insurance company, hes asked for a loan bike, here TODAY! Lets see if they do it or not.

About a hour after starting work, i gets a phone call from duncan. He wants me to work tongiht, all weekend and monday morning. Its like a 63 hour shift! With no company, no one to talk to, no weed, probably no laptop cos daves a clown and wont answer his phone. I jsut hope im not on my own all weekend. I hope someone comes to see me 🙁

I can safely say im really NOT looking forward to this, but i guess that its money, and i really need money.

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