My Past

Graveyard Shift…

Well, its 10:08 as I’m writing this bit, I’m smoking a fag and I’m at work! Its not all that bad, i got michael jackson on, and free coffee! – I’m in work with wiggy and maddsy as we have to finish this branston job before tomora morning, i say we, i mean ME. Them to lazy bastards just seem to be here for moral support or something!

Its been a weird weekend, seems to of gone really fast, and again, i got absolutely nothing done! A guy contacted me off ebay, and wants to swap my saxo for a clio RSi and a 100cc road quad, of course i snapped the offer up. He’s currently waiting for the log book for the clio, and as soon as he gets it me and scott are gonna take the sax up to lincoln, and he’s gonna drive my clio back, and I’m gonna ride the quad! I cant facking wait! I know a week ago i wanted just the cash, and nothing else, but with this i can tidy the clio up for about a tenner, and sell it for a good 500-750 quid, and im left with a kick ass quad! The cool thing about them is you don’t need a separate licence, you just need either a full UK car or a full UK bike licence, and you don’t even need a helmet! – I think ill wear one tho, just to be on the safe side.

Me and dave are currently looking into an idea out of maxxd, something that doesn’t involve it at all, and if it went to plan would lead to a cool job for the both of us, and would help the further progression of anything maxxd related too. I wont disclose too much about it, as a) it might not happen, and b) there may be people reading this that i don’t really want to know about it, seeing as its not just my business.

I hope sooner or later things start to really pick up tho. Im sick of being in debt and always being broke. I want to be able to do my cars up, and buy my girlfriend stuff. But i cant because im not only a drug addict, im also terrible with money. If this is the first time reading this, i don’t want you to think im a smack head or anything, I just enjoy habitually smoking marijuana cigarettes, perhaps a bit too much though.

I may update a bit later on, depending on how long this shit takes!


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