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New pc, and a headache..

The lack of updates has been down to my PC dying on me. I think its the controller on the motherboard, as it cant see any disks and its generally being gay. So after a lot of stress and fucking about, i have finally got a new PC. Its a cracker! 3.6gig pentium 4, 160 gig HDD, 1 gb ram! dvd etc etc.. and a really cool graphics card too! They didn’t ship one with my PC so i got on the phone and moaned like a trooper! Eventually they gave up and gave me a 256mb readon or something.

The day started slow, as there was no PC for me to work from, but as soon as mine came and it was plugged in i was pushed to work hard! And i didn’t know until he was stood next to me on the phone to a client, but i have got to come into work tomora, which I’m NOT happy about. I guess its All money in the bank tho eh!

Nearly finished this branston work (thank FUCK!) I’m sick of staring at fucking branston’s logo’s and FUCKING BEANS! I shouldn’t be writing all this as the re-launch of their beenz is a big thing, and they are spending loads marketing it with marquees and a “Bean poll” haha, so if you see a marquee with “Branston” all over it, i printed it!

Finally managed to get the right red to show up on a sample I’ve been trying to suss all day.. Pics been sent to the customer. I couldnt give a fuck if they were wrong now.

And my last lil addition here, is an apology, for not having any pics in this thread. i cant seem to get my pc to accept incoming bluetooth connections, ill try again and maybe edit this post later 🙂

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