My Past

being a fish.

nearly the end of my tenth day as wiggy. if i was coming into work on monday, i would be going back to my normal routine! thank FUCK! BUT im not going into work on monday, cos its my week off for my course. should be interesting, i hope i pass, dave did. and if dave did, then so can i!

it has been so boring today, because ted has been selling we have NO work in at all, there is no women in the sewing room, cos there’s nothing to sew, there’s hardly any one here, except me ted maddsy wendy and dee. so ive sat here and sorted my computer out, cleared up my documents folder, and deleted any crap, uploaded any useful things to my various website’s, and left it in a almost perfectly organised manner. just got these pics of cars to upload, its taking fucking ages tho!!

going swimming when i finish work, with nic. it should be great fun, because i dont think she realises im quite a good swimmer, and i can hold my breath, and open my eyes under water. so watch out! im starving tho, cos i didn’t want o eat too much today in case it had an effect on me in the water LOL. hopefully i can still swim, as i haven’t been for a LONG time.. i bathed in spain, but it was hardly swimming!

and last but not least.. i have got a new coat! its a big one, that i found in the store cupboard, its ret warm and its ret big. and i stole it, with permission of course!

im off to add a few more pics, and then go to the baths. if i dont post again, i drowned lol.

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