My Past

tuesday, hometime..

as i sit here drinking my hot chocolate, a million thoughts run thru my brain. what am i gona do tonight? what am i gonna eat? where am i gonna get weed from? all these questions and an immense lack of “being arsed” lol.

work this week is draggin like a bitch, but luckily for me i dont have to answer to geoffrey bubbles, only to ted, who s a hell of a lot older, but a lot less of a nob. the work im having to do is still fucking crap tho!

i want this week to be over, as its my training course next week, and after that i can start security guarding! ive had an idea too, not only could i make a lot of money doing the security job, but after i finish it, when im out of my debt hole, i can move onto door security, and maybe work down town. i have a mate who can hook me up, and its not like im small and feeble or anything. TBH ive wanted to work on the doors for ages, as i get to witness a herd of pissed up people being dumb as fuck all night, and get paid for it!

its 17:08, i could go now if i wanted to, but ill wait till maddsy or ted leaves, so i dont look too keen 🙂

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