My Past

a week???

this week has totally flown by! i have been doing wiggys job as well as my own, and its been a headfuck! not only do my days now actually consist of me being busy, but ive had to take orders from a fat old grumpy guy called geoffrey. he’s annoying, and he is always fussing over tiny little details in stuff. and what doesn’t help, is that he knows everything (ye right) and he knows NOTHING about computers, and seems he refuses to learn! so when i say “no, you cant do that” all i get is “!well why?” and shit like that, and it does get quite annoying reminds me of the ancis days!

i have been surfing the interweb today, and i have been looking up old website’s and people i used to know, i have regained contact with AMO!!! WOOHOO! amo and me were best mates at school, we were very competitive, and both digged computers! he works for orange, and is gonna sort me a bangin deal on a new phone! in 10 days! ๐Ÿ˜€

i have also been looking up my old ancis links, none of their sites exist any more it seems, and david’s site comes up first when you search for them in google!!! HAHAHA! im gonna try and contact rob again, cos i liked rob, and maybe martin!

draggin up old memories has made me think about starting another lil company.. maybe desktop support.. or PC troubleshooting.. and if the work ever got too much, i could subcontract it out to mates of mine, who are all mint at fixing computers! – also, it gives me a reason to use my domain name haha

*edit, i have been searching the internet, and i have found somone with the exact same name as me! and he has a blog just like mine. well, sortof.. he can spell and punctuate better than me tho hehe*

im gonna go brainstorm.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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