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intruder alert!

ok, i write my blog and publish it to the world.and every so often i expect someone to read it who i didn’t expect would of read it, even tho its freely available to anyone. and this time i t was maddsy, my work colleague. now im not bothered that he read it, and in actual fact im quite pleased he read it, as its gonna make the whole leaving malarkey easier, now someone knows my plans.

i stuck sheldon’s crosser on ebay today, and included a phone number so that people could call him if they needed more info. within ONE hour, someone called him. i didn’t include his address tho, as someone would probably come and steal it. – it certainly is the worlds market place though! a hour!

its been really hot in work today, i dont know how i manage to stay conscious sometimes, its so humid. but hopefully it wont be for long, and soon i can start paying debts off and then taking life a lil easyer 🙂

i start to write my blog earlier everyday, yesterday it was just b4 5 or a little bit after 5, and today its 16:48. i can make myself look busy for a hour tho, so 30 mins is no problem.

i have spent a lot of today looking up weird stuff, the paranormal, facts and mysteries and weird creatures! and there is some fucked up shit going off in this world! GIANT sandstorms.. amazing cloud formations.. abnormally large animals etc etc.. and its all there to see on the web. – one site i found quite useful was as it puts right myths, and mystery’s and in particular, internet ones. such as missing children and more common ones like the fact that chewing gum is perfectly safe to swallow, and comes through the digestive system at the same rate as any other item of food – ok, so its NOT digested, but it doesn’t linger about.

here are a few pictures from that site, in fact just 2 both of which are pretty amazing! the iraqi sandstorm one is real, and ive just found out the hands in the sky is false, i thought it was real 🙁 still looks amazing tho!

and ive just found out i put that yesterday was monday, when in fact it was tuesday, as it was bank holiday. what a dumbass!

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