My Past Rhymes


sometimes i feel my life’s falling apart,
sometimes i feel my life’s yet to start,
sometimes i feel like im such a let down,
sometimes i feel like i de-serve a crown,
sometimes i urge after things i should not,
sometimes i think about those I’ve forgot,
sometimes it hurts, when i think of my past,
sometimes i wonder how long will this last?
sometimes im presented with a decision to make,
and put on the spot, and my emotions could break,
sometimes i wonder if im actually ill,
sometimes i wonder what it feels like to kill,
sometimes i wonder, how long will it take,
and how many more of my words must i break,
sometimes i think what’s the point in all this,
sometimes all i want in life is a kiss,
sometimes i sit here, crying sad tears,
that’s something that ive had to deal with for years,
sometimes i write poems, to try and relieve,
the tension that is built up in side of me,
always the same when i get to the end,
put on a smile and try to pretend,
that things are ok, in the life of olstar,
the only thing good in my life wears a bra.


i wrote this after finding out i wasnt gonna be able to fetch my car this weekend, and after a argument with dave and sy. it doenst really make any sence, well it does, but probably only to me. thanks david for the inspiration to write a poem.

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