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house sitting + new car

well, what a week. me and nic were at my mums on sunday when totally out of the blue, my mum asked if we would look after her house, for 2 and a half WEEKS! at first, i was shocked, as i never thought i would be trusted again with her house, since my last week there the last time they went on holiday. nothing went wrong nothing got stolen or broke, just had a few mates round and blazed the fuck up! but it seems since i have been with nic, my mums whole opinion of me has changed, and now i can be trusted. pfft. :p

so i guess this is kind of a test, for me and nic, to see if we can actually live together, alone! so far so good tho, we’ve been there 2 days and have only fallen out once! which is a lot less than expected!

more good news to, i bought a car! i was looking on ebay for a nice reliable, tax’d and mot’d have as a runabout, and what did i find? a polo classic! rock on! its done just over 100k, taxed for 10 months, and MOT’d till august next year, al for £205! bargain basement!

now to you guys, this car probably looks ass. but i can assure you, this car will look ace with a set of wheels, and some slamm’ige 🙂 so watch this space! WOOP WOOP ill have wheels again! yeahhhh!

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