My Past

monday, oh monday.

i guess even though i have a loving girlfriend, and a bunch of mates that got my back, i still feel very alone sometimes. i feel that no one really understands me, and i HONESTLY beleve that no one listens to me. even when i talk to my mum she hums and nods and doesn’t really pay any attention to what im saying. and it gets really annoying. i really want to make a difference, i want to prove to people im not worthless, that im reliable, and that i can do the things i talk about.

i guess im sick of waiting tho. constantly waiting for this, and for that.. mainly waiting for people to do something.. before i can do something else, but a lot of it is just me being lazy. i really should sort my life out. i have 3 car’s again, and STILL haven’t sold my saxo.. i have been selling it for 2 years now!! haha

things in waiting to do right now..

a) sort my car number plate out

b) sell my saxo

3) do my caddy up more + fix it

f) put my polo thru a service

6) start security work

7) save up for a holiday

8) finish decorating my bedroom

the list could go on, i just dont want to be reminded of all the shit ive gotta motivate my lazy ass to do. Ill try and garage my caddy, and clean up the saxo this week, as they are little jobs that will free up cash etc.

jobs and maxxd.. where do i start? i was supposed to be using my new skills as a security officer to get some night security work, and start raking a bit of cash in to clear some debts.. that allows me to move out of daz’s and get a flat.. for moi and nicola.. but now dave has said he’s not doing that any more, he’s gonna get a normal job again, as he needs the money.

i think im still gonna do the security work, as its a good way of gettin a lot of cash in a short space of time. i dont think ill do it forever tho. but ill defiantly keep it in my mind as id love to start a security company one day. fingers in pies n all that.

over the last few days i have been dwelling over a new idea i had. scott introduced me to a place, that would be PERFECT for some kind of permanent cruise location. and since hearing the police are clamping down on MFN, with asbo’s and shit, the timing couldn’t be perfect.

i just need to find out who the location belongs to, and see if they will sell it! (or rent it)

bedrooms nearly decorated, me and nicola had a whole bunch of arguments over the weekend, its because she takes painting SO seriously! i think im probably one of the most laid back people on the planet!

work to do anywho, catch u later potata’

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