My Past

i really really dont no what to do

ok first, my N key is playin up, so excuse me if i miss a few now and then! second, i got girl trouble.

basically im i a relationship. and i cant figure out if i want it and im happy, i want ONE but not this one, or i dont want one and im not happy. ya get me?

nic is a lovely girl, and the good times are fantastic, but there are one or 2 things about her that really wind me up. 1 is that i dont no her past, and she talks as if he has been around a lot, which puts me off, but then i think, well shit, so have i, and so has 50% of the population!

another thing, is that she is 18, and is just becomeing an adult. now although she clames to of lived away from home for a year, she does not seem to have the independance and knowledge a nest leaver should have. i.e. she uses LOADS of washing up liquid when you only need a smidgin, 😉 and she is very wastefull when it comes to food and stuff. she is quite immature at times, and i dont have the patience.

but then i think, in this next year she will start to grow up properly, become less immature, and become a much sounder person.

time will tell i guess.

im still stuck in the limbo that is metalbox. same shit, everyday. im still waiting for mr maddox to sort me a job out at which is in walking distance of my house, which means i can sell saxo and not have to worry about havin a car for a bit. BUT i cant do anything till i got that job. grrr.

got 3 new pairs of trainers, some bo black superstars wi white soles and a mad pattern on them, some white ultrastars that are basically bling, and some random cumfy adidads ones for when i wear blue 🙂

and ive set a random forum up for a guy – – its about some very bizzare manga experimetal cartoon, ive seen the first episode and its very, VERY strange. im gonna take a look at some of the other episodes cos apparently the first one is a bit “erratic” lol.

i can feel myself falling asleep as i type, so im gonna make sure i aint ball’sed up any of the words, save it, and hit the sack. after ive cleared up the mass of clothes on my bed 🙁

oh yeah, i got a ipod! well, i won one on ebay, but it hasnt come yet, hopefully it will come today. *crosses fingers*


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