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blaggin life..

ok, good news, daz has a job which means he can pay his bills, and i dont get kicked out. πŸ™‚ some random fabricating and welding job, suits him, he gets praised for good work all the time (he is a very good welder) and he gets paid loads. buzzin πŸ™‚

im goin up to mini marquees today to fix a pc, so if the boss is there i may just ask him about that job! see if i can charm him into lettin me have the job right away hehe πŸ™‚ if not i gotta wait for the ad to be published in the chad! grrrr

come to the conclusion about my love life, and i think im happy. i know it sounds wierd me saying that iΒ thinkΒ im happy, but my head is a general shed most of the time so im not sure of awt nowadays! im gonna stay with nic, as shes a nice person, and has a lovely ass πŸ™‚ and she says she loves me loads, so i guess that means she will be fathfull. we’ll see how it go’s anyway!

the situation im my house is currently quite funny, i seem to be blaggin it, and NEVER buying the milk, or bread, because of the fact we all lead seperate lives. mat needs milk for tea for him and his bird, so he has to buy milk, and bread too, and daz is pretty much the same, and cos they eat at diff times and stuff, they never see who buys the milk and bread so i get away with not buying anything! haha, i buy my food, just not the day to day shit, and trust me, we use a LOT of milk, bread, toilet rolls etc etc etc πŸ™‚

oh, and i got my ipod. πŸ˜€ got 799 tracks on it at the moment, i had it at work last night, and i didnt listen to it for 1 hour MAX out of a 8 hour shift, and it lasted al night, and i only heard 2 tracks twice! praise the apple gods!

im tired… ZZzzzZZZZzzzzz nite nite..

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