My Past

well f**k me

ive not added one post on here since i turned 21! 🙂

i got this \/ for my bday, i was very very happy when i saw it 🙂

well, 21, i dunno you no, i seem to feel very grown up, seems that over my week off, i have ACTUALLY become a year older, i know i HAVE actually become older, but it seems like i have mentally aged a year as well.

this time next month, mark my words, i will be progressing my life in the sence i will be finishin the saxo off, clearing my garage out to put my caddy in, and starting work on the caddy! i have saved up some cash to start tidying saxo, gearbox n stuff, nothings stoppin me now!

me and nic are still together, im pretty happy, but i couldnt say wether or not i will still be with her in a year. i dunno, prob me just being negative.

ive quit everything but weed as well, as i was still dabbeling in a few other things. cant afford em, and i cant be doin with the effect wether they be good or bad.

AND. im gonna buy a ipod, they are cool as fuck. 🙂

buisness things are lookin good too, goin to see the accountant to sort a few things and we can release our little venture 🙂

peece out for now 🙂

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