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xmas time

ok, so its xmas. doesnt feel like xmas still. im sat at home, its 13:08 and im all by myself. had 1 proesent to open that mat gave me, it was a adidas wallet. a nice one too. my mum is away this xmas, and im goin to my dads at 4 for dinnerm so i wont be on my own all day. i have always hated xmas, as its so close to my birthday and new years, it sort of steals me thunder if u like.

thought i was gonna have a repeat of last year whereby i lost my girl just b4 xmas. but we sorted things out. im still pretty happy as well, but i got a few things runnin thur my mind that wont go away.

tbh, i feel very alone at the minute. i know i have my family and my girlfriend and shit, but i bet im the only person i know who is alone right now. on me tod. oh well, ill see people later.

got a WEEK off work, oh my god its gonna be amazing, ive not had a week off in MONTHS. then back to work for a bit, and hopefully maddsy will sort out that job at for me, and i can get out that bastard factory.

anyway, fuck this, im gonna celebrate xmas by myself for a bit with weed and very loud music.

happy holidays people. 🙂

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