My Past

mums in hospital

yeah, shes got narrowing of the arteries (spellin) and it basically means she gets out of breath very easily, because the blood cannot be pumped around her body fast enough. they are keepin her in for testing, taking her to notts actually, and if needed she will have her arteries made bigger!

its horrible seeing her there with wires and shit coming off her, horrible. hope its not for too much longer.

still not heard anything about that job, hope its soon its winding me up. you would think that a massive organisation would be able to print some letters for an interview within a week, everyone who applies gets interviewed you see, so it could even be automated, jsut cant take there fingers off the vending machine buttons long enuff to push the PRINT one!


worked a 9am-9pm shift on saturday, and it was the worst, longest, most borin shift i have ever done in my life! dragged so much, and me mate was doin 6am-6pm so it seemed so unfair when he went home at 6 🙁 earnt me bout £100 tho. tax and MOT for saxslo you see :/ oooo new windscreen in the saxo now 🙂 hehe through insurance.

and i RATE need a mini digger and a skip! for a weekend. ARGHH thats gonna cost a bit i expect!

got to go see nic now. peace out for now homies 🙂

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