My Past

stuff.. confusion.. who am i?

im ded confused. right do i go for a decent job in metalbox, on 21k, line leader, on 3 shifts (days afters and nights) or a not so decent job at metalbox for about 13k, just days and afters.. OR do i go for a weekend job, 12 hours on saturday, and 12 on sunday, and still get paid a full weeks wage.. and that wud leave me the whole week to start busnesses and sleep and shit.

i dont want a ded “set in stone” perminant job, cos i am likley to want to leave at any time if other developments go well.. i really want my own business, my own shop or summat, so the weekend one wud be cool.. but arrgg i dunno.

and cars.. ffs.. right fuckin me off.

stil got nic tho. she makes me happy. 🙂

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