My Past

a little suspisious.

well its probably nothing, in fact im pretty sure its nothing, but i cant stop thinkin about it. last night nic was textin me, and she sent me a txt that wasnt meant for me. now the txt could of been to do with something ridiculas and to a female or male frend, and nothing dodgy was meant by it. but then again, it could of been to another lad, and been something dodgy. i asked her and she said it was nothing, and was meant for a female friend.

i dont think she is cheating on me a) because she doenst have time to see anyone else, and b) she just cant be. but there is this little thing in the back of my head that wont go away. nagging at me.

i confronted her face to face and she sort of didnt really say much about it, and even asked what the message siad, so she couldnt of been thinkin about it much, if she was cheating on me surely she wud be panicing etc.

probably me totally overreacting. i hope so.

ill see her at 10, see if shes acting dodgy.

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