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strange sence of famousness-ness, and it sucks.

not really given this much thought b4.. but somethign was triggered this weekend that has made me think hard! as i think i mentioned, a girl showed some intrest im me, and it was a ded dodgy situation.. now this and another case where by a girl who is in a 18 month relationship has been flirting LOTS with both me and dave.. and then this girl at the weekend was flirted with both me and dave.. and it makes me wonder what exactly they are playing at. i have wanted a relationship for a while now, but this gets me thinkin, will i ever find sum1 who wants me because i am me? not because i am olstar.

then i think, well does it really matter? if i got with a girl, she wud see me for me in time and it will prob be ok.. but i dont fancy goin out with sum1 so they can say, “yeah well im going out with”.. cos then the relationship wud not be be based on tru feelins, and i wud prob get hurt..

sounds like im blowing my own trumpet.. well i wud be.. if i was actually buzzin off this situation.. but im not, its just winding me up.

id like to find a girl that doenst know me as olstar, doenst really know of maxxd.. and that want me cos im a nice person or summat.. not cos i co-run a website.

i dunno waht to think or do, TBH i not really got time at present for a gf, but i want it to happen sooner or later..


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If I didn’t have a girlfriend already I’d be overjoyed that co-running a website was an attractive thing. I guess that’s the difference between the types of sites we run though.

the original playa playa wants a gf ? wot is this world coming too ? i’ll be securing systems soon if this craziness carrys on 😀 heh joke

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